November 21, 2015 by Farah B:

What a great blessing it is to having a wonderful physician in your life who you can trust. Prior to coming to Dr. Ghazi's office, I had been itching from head-to-toe (on and off) for several months. I came across Dr. Ghazi's office on Google after searching for an Allergist that was open on Saturdays. From the moment that I met Dr. Ghazi, I absolutely came to love her because she is this extremely intelligent and kind physician!!! Also she is so engaging with all of her patients and has a great bedside manner. I'll never forget that Dr. Ghazi is the doctor who has called me during after-hours and also during my lunch break at work to check up on me and see how I am doing when I had a concern. As it turned out, I am allergic to many of the local trees within my area. Dr. Ghazi has developed an individual treatment plan that is specific to my allergies and I feel great now. Simply put, doctors like Dr. Ghazi don't exist today...that's why she is such a special doctor. If you are looking for relief from allergies and for a doctor who will take care of your needs, then call Dr. Ghazi today. You will never regret it. Love you tons Dr. Ghazi!!!

November 20, 2015 by Susan M

Dr. Ghazi has treated me for a couple of years now and she recently opened her own practice (which is great for me as her Plano location is much closer to my home). On my most recent visit, she was very attentive and quickly assessed my situation and treated accordingly. She also followed up after my visit. I highly recommend her!

November 13, 2015 by Jason S:

Very informative and worthwhile visit! I'm so glad I chose Dr Ghazi! She took more than enough time to explain a treatment plan that's right for me and in easy to understand terminology. I'm very excited to get started on my treatment plan right away! Highly recommend Dr Ghazi for folks looking for help with their asthma and allergy issues!

September 25, 2015 by Gordo M:

Fully pleased with the level of service, care, and medical consultation and treatment. I looks like I am NOW on my way to a solid, stable and working treatment plan. My appointment was actually 30 minutes ahead of schedule. The office utilizes an on-line appointment scheduling system, ZocDoc which I have used with other physicians and it is great. The moment you feel bad and decide to see your Dr, you can quickly identify appointment availabilities ON-LINE and make appointments immediately....while at home, or at the football game, anytime of the day. Then you get detailed email message reminders. Great system. Bottom line....if you are looking for allergy related medical help, Dr Ghazi is where you need to stop and the only place. You will be satisfied!! Great and pleased in all areas including front desk services.

Olga B

Dr Ghazi is great! She takes time to listen to her patients. She is very kind, and willing to answer all your questions. Highly recommend.

Mary R:

I had chronic sinus infections for 12 years having to take many antibiotics. The antibiotics got stronger and stronger has the years progressed. Dr. Ghazi, retested me for allergies and put me on shots. The shots worked and I made it a whole year without a sinus infection. Thank you, Dr. Ghazi for helping me

Leslie C

Dr. Ghazi is an extremely thorough, patient and kind physician. After seeing several doctors and undergoing multiple diagnostic tests Dr. Ghazi was the one physician able to put the pieces together to appropriately diagnose and more importantly treat my condition. I highly recommend Dr. Ghazi!

August 17, 2015 by Hannah M

Excellent! Very thorough! She listened attentively, with interest and concern for my well being. I felt very well taken care off, and would recommend her to any of my friends and family. She truly cares about her patients!

February 4, 2015 by Andy J

She and her office staff are fantastic, friendly and easy to talk to. Dr. Ghazi thoroughly explained the tests I would be taking as well as the results and treatment types.

January 20, 2015 by Kathryn W

Dr. Ghazi listened to my concerns and then looked me over and diagnosed me. Visit was thorough and she went over with me in detail the medications she was prescribing and how to follow them

Dr Ghazi was so kind and knowledgeable. She took her time with me and made sure that she fully understood my situation before making a diagnosis. She developed a short and long term treatment plan to remedy my acute situation and prevent it from occurring again. I was so pleased with Dr. Ghazi. I highly recommend her.

April 21, 2014 by Yolanda W.

She has the best bed-side manner. Absolutely delightful demeanor and very knowledgeable. I appreciate her for taking her time with me when I had a very adverse reaction to the allergy skin test.

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