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About Us

DFW Asthma and Allergy Center was founded by Dr. Aasia Ghazi with a sole ambition of drastically improving the quality of the lives of her patients. One of the biggest challenges for individuals living in the DFW area is living with the constant issues of allergies, which in turn massively impacts how people go about their everyday life.  The practice was started to be a leading edge allergy and asthma center, focused on bringing relief to patients combined with compassionate care, cutting edge research and a devoted staff and team.

DFW Asthma and Allergy Center provides care to adults and children in DFW metro area. Our number one source of patients is word of mouth. Satisfied patients refer their friends and family to us. Our mission at DFW Asthma and Allergy Center is to provide our patients the latest and most pertinent treatment in the ever-changing medical environment. We believe we will succeed if we adhere to the values of honesty and integrity while providing quality service in a caring manner that respects the dignity of all.

Dr. Aasia Ghazi started the practice to increase the ability to service patients in the area.  Dr. Ghazi brings extensive experience and cutting edge knowledge in the areas of allergy and asthma.  Married and a mother of a young daughter, she thoroughly enjoys her time with her family.  Dr. Ghazi is an avid volunteer and overtime has volunteered in different clinics throughout the country.